Pull Over

Pull Over

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Boys? or Men? in blue.

Best if used with our Basic B  base coat and and Clear Me gel-like top coat. 

How to use: Always shake your lacquer to mix the color well.

Step 1:  Apply one (1) coat of your Basic B (base coat) to even out and allow your chosen shade to go on beautifully and evenly.

Step 2: Apply one (1) thin and even layer of your chosen shade. The recommended time before applying your second (2) coat is 2 MINUTES.

After 2 minutes apply the second coat to each nail. The waiting time of 2 minutes allows the colors to set and it will minimize chipping.

Step 3: Apply one (1) coat of our gel-like Clear Me (top coat). It is slightly thicker for the gel-like effect. Make sure to shake it and apply once. It will set your lacquer and give you lots of shine.