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This website,, hereinafter referred as the "Site" is owned and operated by Lawless Nails Inc., also known as L'Fiori Beauty and L'Fiori Lacquer.The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of our general principles in collection and use of personal information. 

What is "personally identifiable information"? This is the information collected and used by our Site and it is, but not limited, to the following: first and last name, postal address, email address, phone number and fax number and/or social media handles.
When does this Privacy Policy apply to me? At the moment you enter the SITE, thus by accessing, using or browsing or purchasing you agree to the collection and use of your personal identifiable information by L'Fiori Beauty. If you do not agree with the privacy policy on our Site refrain from using this Site. We reserve the right to change this page without formal notice. We encourage you to occasionally visit our Privacy Policy for changes. The continued use of our Site will constitute an implied agreement to accept changes to our policy.
What information does Lawless Nails, Inc. also known as L'Fiori Beauty and L'Fiori Lacquer collect from me? In order to access certain functions of our Site, such as but not limited to, a purchase, contests, promotions, newsletter, mailing list, survey, registering for an account, photos, stories, social media posts or rewards, L'Fiori will collect personally identifiable information (as described above).
What is non-personally identifiable information? This is NOT personal information, this is information such as, but not limited to, your IP address and browsing patters. The purpose of this information is to make sure that our Site is working properly and to properly administer our Site. It also allows us to gather demographic information. 
We collect this information by passive means, possibly through the use of cookies. Internet services may deliver cookies to people who visit their websites to make it easier for them to use said websites.
L'Fiori Beauty may use your session ID to confirm that our users are logged in, HOWEVER, once you are done and close the browser cookies will terminate immediately. We may also use a persistent cookie to keep you logged in when you come back to the Site. You can change your settings in your browser to block or remove this cookie if you are not in agreement. 
Can children under the age of 13 use this Site? NO. Our Site is not intended to be used by children under the age of 13. L'Fiori will not knowingly or voluntarily collect any personal identifiable information from visitors to the Site who are under the age of 13. If we learn that personal information has been inadvertently obtained from a child under the age of 13, L'Fiori will immediately attempt to notify the child's parent or guardian to inform them. The information inadvertently obtained will be erased immediately or as soon as reasonably possible. Children over the age of 13 should obtain permission from their parent or guardian before providing personal information to our Site and the Internet in general.
L'Fiori Beauty now has my personal identifiable information, so how does it use it? The information may be used for L'Fiori-marketing purposes to contact you with information about our products, promotions, contests, specials, customer service purposes, technical support, troubleshooting and for general purposes in maintaining our Site. At any time you may opt-out from receiving this information. Please be advised that the preference to opt-out may not take effect immediately, however, it will be removed as soon as reasonably possible. The continued-use of our Site will constitute a continued agreement by Site visitors to our policy. 
In the course of L'Fiori conducting business we may have to share your information to third-party contractors or service providers only for the limited purposes to assist L'Fiori in maintaining our Site and operating our business. These third-parties are not allowed to use your personal identifiable information other than to use it for the services requested by us. 
L'Fiori always wants to provide the best customer service and preferences to our customers and we may internally use your demographic but non-identifiable information for this purpose. L'Fiori is always striving to be a better brand and business to meet our customer's needs.
If the time came where L'Fiori is sold, merges with another company, or declaraes bankruptcy, some or all of your collected information may be transferred to a third party as a result of the transfer of assets.
The founder of L'Fiori is aware that it has to follow many applicable laws and for this reason L'Fiori may have to disclose your information to abide by applicable laws that are necessary to continue to operate L'Fiori as a business. It will abide by applicable laws to protect our customer's safety and interests. 
"Thank you" for sending us those beautiful photos, comments, testimonials, etc. Is L'Fiori going to pay me for using them? NO. Unless you have a signed valid contract with L'Fiori for royalties or any compensation, as a visitor to the Site who provides, including but not limited to, photos, testimonials, stories, or feedback on our products, herein referred to as "Content" will not be compensated in any way and is in agreement that we may use your personable identifiable information, as stated in our policy. You can avoid agreeing to these terms by NOT submitting any Content. 
We love our customers ideas, techniques, how-tos and suggestions. Please be advised that L'Fiori is free to use any ideas posted on its Site. L'Fiori is the sole owner of said ideas and may use them to expand its product line without any compensation to the author of said idea, suggestion, concept, technique, how-to, etc. 
Does L'Fiori share my personable identifiable information to Links attached to its Site? NO. L'Fiori will not share your information. L'Fiori is not responsible for the privacy policy for those websites that are linked to this Site. 
L'Fiori can guarantee that it will use standard technology to protect your security as your personal information is extremely important to us. However, we know that no data transmission is truly and 100% secure over the Internet. We will try our best on our Site but please advise that we are not responsible for your computer and Internet settings and the way you transmit the information over the Internet.
You are solely responsible for maintaining private your log-in information, password or any account information under your possession and control. 
Browse the Internet with caution.
Effective Date: May 16, 2019