What is Cruelty-Free lacquer

Cruelty-free lacquer refers to a lacquer that is NOT tested on animals at any stage in the development or manufacturing of the product. It is not tested on animals either pre or post market.

There are certain countries, such as China, that are subject to mandatory animal testing. This testing can be done before or after they are put on the market for sale.

If a lacquer is sold in China or any of these other countries, then it cannot be “cruelty-free” as the company has to agree to these mandatory laws of animal testing.

China is a billion-dollar beauty market and therefore if a company is truly “cruelty-free” they will NOT sell their products in China and will never be animal tested anywhere in the world.

This translates to a true dedication by the company as they are NOT tapping into the huge profits overseas.

Our lacquer is made in the United States of America and does not sell its products in China. We are a dedicated company to protecting all of our precious animals at the cost of losing overseas profits.

Companies, such as Leaping Bunny, are diligent in informing consumers where their products come from and how they are manufactured and developed.

L’Fiori Lacquer is Leaping Bunny certified.

Thank you for being the heroes in helping us protect our animals.

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